LWVAL Convention 2017 - Awards

League of Women Voters of Alabama
State Convention 2017

April 28 Early Arrival
April 29-30 Convention
Hampton Inn & Suites
Mobile Downtown Historic District
62 South Royal Street
Mobile, AL 36602
Register for convention by April 15th.
Make hotel reservations by March 29th.

Transparency in Government Award

In 2015 the League of Women Voters of Alabama (LWVAL) created the Transparency in Government Award to recognize efforts to bring greater transparency to governmental decision-making in Alabama at any political level. Nominees may be elected or appointed government officials, citizens, or members of nonprofits who have worked to increase transparency.

This biennial award will be presented at the LWVAL’s 2017 State Convention in Mobile, April 29-30, 2017.

State President Dr. Anne Permaloff explains: “LWVAL and its members believe that transparency in government is one of the major mechanisms for making government accountable to the people. It enhances public trust in government officials and their decisions and is essential in making democracy work.”

According to the Congressional Research Service, transparency in government includes giving the public access to relevant information used by decision makers, with the information presented in a comprehensive format and with opportunities for the public to analyze and respond.

Nominations for the LWVAL 2017 Transparency in Government Award are due January 25, 2017 and may be submitted by any individual or organization in Alabama. Get a nomination form and submit your nominee.

Phyllis Rea Membership Award

The Phyllis Rea Membership Award is given to the local league with the highest percentage membership growth over the last two years. The LWVAL Board established this award in 1983 to honor Phyllis Rea’s constant and inspirational commitment to the League. Joining in 1957, Phyllis was one of the founding members of the Auburn (now East Alabama) League. She served as LWVAL Voter Editor, 1968 – 1972, and as LWVAL President, 1972-1979. Beginning in 1972, and with LWVUS permission, LWVAL sponsored litigants in a federal lawsuit to defend voter rights. As League president, Rea testified in several voter rights lawsuits across Alabama. Along with Leaguers Jane Katz and Olivia Harrison, Phyllis wrote and secured passage of seven election law bills. In 1973, she led the League effort to advocate for the reformed Judicial Article of the Alabama Constitution, work that brought high praise of its author Judge Howell Heflin. Phyllis led the League campaign for other constitutional reform efforts including home rule and a just tax system. She fostered publication of voter education materials and factual publications on such subjects as environmental management practices. Phyllis Rea was committed to good government and the informed and active participation of Alabama citizens.


Joyce Woodward Memorial Award

The LWVAL Board established the Joyce Woodworth Award in 2002 in memory of Joyce’s long-term service to the League at the state and local levels and to recognize her outstanding work in the area of Program. During 20 years of League leadership, Joyce edited the state VOTER and chaired the State Budget and State Finance and Taxation committees From 1980 – 1991, she authored a series of Facts and Issues publications for LWVAL, including the Tennessee Valley Authority in Alabama (1980); Ethics in Government: Facts and Issues (1988); Alabama’s Money: Government Finance and Taxation (1988) and Alabama’s Money: The State Budget Process (1991). Joyce served as vice president, secretary and president  (the position she held at the time of her death) of the Shoals League. Her service in the League, on the state and local level, is strong testimony of her enduring commitment to the mission and work of the League. The Joyce Woodworth Memorial Award is presented to an individual or a League for outstanding work in League program.


Jane Katz Public Service Award

The LWVAL Board established the Jane Katz Public Service Award in 2005 to recognize an individual or organization whose work strengthens democracy. The award is named for Jane Katz whose advocacy work as the LWVAL Legislative Chair is legend in the League and the Legislature. Appointed to the new position of Legislative Chair in 1964, Jane led the League’s advocacy efforts in the 1960’s – 1970’s for the support of constitutional reform, education, equalization of property taxes, consumer protection law, reform of election law amendment, and environmental issues. She originated and published the Capitol Newsletter that featured the League’s priority legislation. She also originated and published the Voting Record of legislators at the end of the sessions. She was known for reminding us to “… congratulate ourselves on our victories, console each other on our defeats and persevere.”
Jane was inducted into the Alabama Women’s Hall of Fame in 2002. Her biography on the AWHF website describes her as “a woman of vision and courage” and “an incisive critic of government” with “the ability to make complex, controversial, sensitive political issues understandable to average people”. Jane Katz’s work as an advocate for good government and her history of promoting informed citizen participation in government is an inspiration to the League to make democracy work better.